Area Squad Training in May

A squad training session will be held on Sunday 17th May at Northcroft Leisure Centre, from 10:30 to 12:30.

Students wishing to train will need to wear dobok/kickboxing trousers, belt and t-shirt. Drinks, licence book, trainers, and sparring gear should also be brought. A smartie pad may be useful if the student has access to one.

Students should aim to arrive early to pay (£8 per student), sign in and begin warming up before the session. Parents/carers are welcome to stay and watch in the hall, or in the viewing gallery where hot drinks can be purchased from the leisure centre.

These sessions will also be advertised on the new P.U.M.A. Squad facebook page.

Attendance at these squad sessions is part of the selection criteria for those wishing to represent the P.U.M.A. Squad in competitions.

Mon 27 April 2015

Mike Pyne