Area Squad Training

We are extremely lucky to have the opportunity for squad training with not one, but two World Champions!

Master Ogbourne has arranged for three area squad training sessions to be held at Northcroft Leisure Centre on the 18th January, 14th Feburary and 28th March 2015. These sessions will be led by World Champions Mr and Mrs Swain.

The sessions will be held from 10:30 to 12:30 and will focus on fitness and sparring. Each session will cost £8.00; the fee should be brought in an envelope, with the student's name on, and handed in at the beginning of the session when the register is taken.

Arrive early as the sessions will start promptly! Students will need drinks, a hand towel and a t-shirt to spar in (if they wish). PUMA approved safety equipment is also required. Licence books should also be brought along to be signed.

Northcroft has changing facilities and vending/cafe facilities. There is parking available outside the centre, along with a park (swings, slides, etc.) for younger sibings that might be coming along.

This is a fantastic opportunity to train with two World Champions and expand your knowledge of Taekwondo, so please give Mr and Mrs Swain your support!

Tue 13 January 2015

Mike Pyne